The Return of Economic Liberalism and the Fight about the Political Language – University of Copenhagen

The Return of Economic Liberalism:
Scandinavian Configurations of European Neo-Liberalism after 1945

Focusing on the Scandinavian countries, this project explores the history of neo-liberalism as a political and economic ideology in Western Europe after 1945. More specifically, the project analyzes the processes in which liberalism was reconstructed in the postwar decades and discusses the relations between the liberal networks, discourses and rationalities that were established back then and liberalism today. By making visible the local impact as well as the ideological labor of neo-liberal political, economic and social thought, a Europeanization of Scandinavian history will be achieved. Conversely, by highlighting the particular forms, the transfer and adaptation of neo-liberalism in the North, the project will also transform the overall European picture as it develops a historical perspective on the specific contributions of the Scandinavian political sphere